Discover the most complete and easy to use fleet management platform.

With Movertis you control your vehicles, monitor your drivers, optimize routes and reduce costs, all in one click on the most complete and easy to use platform:

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Vehicles always located

Locate your vehicles in real time and check the status of their routes in just one click. Controlling your vehicles has never been easier.

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Savings in fuel and maintenance costs

Save costs on every trip. Analyze your maintenance and fuel consumption, key to optimize all your costs.

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Efficient and compliant driving

It will be as if you were inside your vehicles. It achieves efficient driving in terms of consumption and time, and is suitable for avoiding fines and infringements.

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Digital forms and records

Everything you used to do face to face or on paper, digitized. Schedule tasks and create forms in seconds, making your day-to-day life easier.

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Integrated systems and more agile processes for you

Integrated with your CRM or software and those of your customers, in order to automate all the information. You will only be in charge of growing your business.

Locate and manage your vehicles, so you're always in control.

Your vehicles will always be located, thanks to our GPS technology integrated to the 100% online platform and our apps.

Locate your vehicles in real time and get information on the trips and stops made by each vehicle, for easy analysis.

Optimize routes and consumption, schedule maintenance and reduce costs. Automate forms and digitize records, so you have all the information you need.

Controlling your vehicles has never been easier.

Supervise your drivers and increase the work performed by your employees.

Thanks to Movertis it’s as if you were in every vehicle with your drivers.

It ensures that driving is efficient in terms of consumption and time, and adequate to avoid fines and infringements. Increases work performed by optimizing routes and task scheduling. Send work reports digitally and check their status at any time, so you have all the information you need.

Reduce costs, increase productivity and grow more by focusing on your business.

Insight into your fleet's costs and productivity

Monitor the consumption and efficiency of your fleet and identify where you can improve your competitiveness.

Automatic alerts and reports

Receive automated reports and alerts with detailed information on the performance of your vehicles and employees.

Reports tailored to your industry

Choose from a wide variety of reports adapted to your sector or customize them according to the main KPI’s of your business.


More than 1,000 companies choose us

In addition to having the most complete fleet, driver and task management platform, we have the best after-sales service: we accompany our clients in the adoption and use of the platform, to maximize their return on investment.

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