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At Movertis we are leading specialists in business mobility software since 2009, offering fleet management and business process optimization services. Through customized solutions, we help companies all over Europe to increase the profitability of their business by digitizing and automating their processes, reducing costs, becoming more efficient and increasing their profits.


With more than 1,000 customers all over Europe and more than 1.5M km travelled daily with our solution, we provide companies with the most powerful, customized and intuitive technology to make their day-to-day work easier and help them get the maximum profitability out of their fleet.


We are Movertis and we are here to streamline your fleet management.

About Movertis

Mission and purpose

We are working today to build the mobility of the future: more collaborative, connected and sustainable. We have technology in our DNA, but we know that the human touch of our team is key to achieve our mission: to offer the most complete and easy to use fleet management and business process optimization solution, so that any company that wants to use it can do so.


We have been offering mobility technology solutions for companies since 2009. We have a central office in the seaport of Tarragona (Spain), and we work as a hybrid team between the central office and remotely. Our business vision relies on technology and working closely with our customers to ensure that our solution delivers everything they need and more.


We are convinced that one of the keys to our success is that we don’t just want to be suppliers, we want to be partners with our customers. That’s why more than 1000 companies already choose us.

About Movertis

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More than 1.000 customers recommend us

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