Streamlined fleet management processes through integrations with other systems

The most complete and easy to use fleet management platform,

that integrates with your systems and those of your customers.

The Movertis platform connects with other business systems through standard or custom integrations, so you don’t waste time managing information and can focus on your business.

The integrations facilitate access to information, and allow you to get more out of your fleet management solutions, making all the information available, updated and complete. With Movertis alongside your ERP, your CRM or whatever your business system is, you have everything you need to comprehensively manage your vehicle, driver and employee processes, at the click of a button.

Discover the benefits of Movertis integrations with your information systems.

These are the benefits of Movertis' integrations with your information systems

With Movertis you can control your vehicles, supervise your drivers, optimise routes and reduce costs,

all in one click on the most complete and easy to use platform:

tracking - icon

Your vehicles and employees always located.

End task - icon

All task management on the same platform

Integrations - Icon

Your systems updated with the same job status information

Program - icon

Record the information with Movertis, transfer it to your other systems.

Savings - icon

Reduce costs by using our solutions.

Rocket - icon

Simplify processes, spending less time on operational management, and more on your business.

Different integrations for each business process


Have full control of your vehicles at all times: location, consumption, mileage, maintenance, ISO/SQAS compliance, you name it. With Movertis you have all the information you need to manage your vehicle fleet.

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Optimize fleet

Drivers, employees and tasks

Have full control of your drivers and employees at all times: where they are, how they are driving, whether they are moving or stopped, what jobs they have done and what jobs they have left to do. With Movertis you have all the information you need to manage your fleet of drivers and employees.

Other information systems

Be in full control of your vehicles at all times. View the real-time status of your fleet on a single page. Quickly customize the management of your information and speed up the analysis of your vehicles. With Movertis you have full control of your fleet 24 hours a day, in one click.

Movertis integrations catalogue

Take advantage of our continuously updated integrations catalog

Movertis evolves and the benefit is also for you. With our catalogue of integrations you can connect systems that you didn’t have integrated before, and even find opportunities to digitize processes with our partners.

Integrations tailored to your needs

Our development team is ready to help you with specific integration needs with proprietary systems or any that are not available in the catalog. Simply contact us and we will discuss it with you.

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Developer Resources

On our Developer website you will find all technical information you need for your development.

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