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Discover the benefits of Movertis for refrigerated transport fleet management

With Movertis you always know where your vehicles are and you can control them from the online platform. Whether you want to monitor temperature, reduce fuel consumption, ensure compliance with driving and safety regulations, all in one click on the most complete and easy to use platform:

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Real time tracking of your vehicles and current and historical temperature control.

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Schedule the fastest and most appropriate routes, and check that they are followed.

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Ensure compliance with driving and tachograph regulations.

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Accompany your drivers to ensure efficient, safe and environmentally friendly driving.

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Increase productivity by improving the assignment of work and breaks for each of your employees.

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Reduce operative and fuel costs.

These are our refrigerated transport fleet management solutions

Real-time temperature monitoring

Have the information of how the service in real time and at what temperature each of your vehicles is, to avoid the cold chain and anticipate incidents. Keep the customer informed without the need to contact your driver. Allow your customer to see where their merchandise is and at what temperature, while awaiting your arrival.

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Current and historical temperature records

All temperature log information is recorded on the platform for analysis or download. Access pre-designed reports or create your own custom reports. The temperature log also sends notifications to the driver to ensure compliance with the necessary conditions.

All your vehicles management in one click

Don’t waste another minute designing the perfect route, the platform does it for you. View the real-time status of your fleet on a single page. Quickly customize the management of your information and speed up the analysis of your vehicles. With Movertis you have full control of your fleet at the click of a button. 

Movertis - Furgonetas delivery

And all your drivers management in the same place.

Choose which drivers you want to perform the tasks or select a group of tasks and a group of drivers and have it automatically create the most optimal route for you. Get driving times and breaks and find out which practices affect your productivity the most. Keep track of how each task has gone in one click.

Dynamic task management

Know the status of the task instantly. Keep track of which tasks have been done, which ones are being done and which ones are pending, without having to contact your team. Thanks to the information you already know, you can quickly understand the situation of your drivers or give a quick response to your customers.

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Reduce fuel consumption and operative costs

Detects excessive fuel consumption caused by high speeds and idling. Optimize routes to improve the productivity of your employees and your vehicles. Discover unauthorized trips and personal actions that affect the wear and tear on your fleet.

Digital forms and records

Everything you need to register you can do it with our forms configurable to your needs. Link a custom form to each task type or choose a generic form for all tasks in your fleet. Everything you need you can register with our platform, and then transfer to wherever you want thanks to our integrations.

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Integration with your systems and those of your customers

Movertis integrates with all your company’s internal processes, eliminating administrative tasks, increasing your team’s performance and reducing management time. We have a catalogue of integrations with different systems through our open APIs and SDKs.

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With Movertis you can keep track of your vehicles and employees, reduce fuel and maintenance costs while improving your carbon footprint, ensure safer and more efficient driving, and automate registrations and integrations with other systems.

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